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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

TRACK batteries are manufactured in a state-of-the-art 40,000 sq m facilty capable of producing over 5,000,000 batteries per year according to world standards. The factory holds quality certificates ISO 14001, TS-ISO 16949, ISO 9001, TS-50342-1, and OHSAS 18001. 

The expanding, forming and pasting processes at the positive and negative plate production lines provide continuous and automated production of perfect plates. The plates are cured and brought to the required specifications inside humidity and temperature controlled curing ovens. These batteries, produced  with Calcium (Ca) alloy plates, have longer service life, do not leak water, are maintenance-free and have higher starting power.

The Factory
Delivering Consistent Performance

Materials and components undergo rigorous chemical and mechanical testing during each stage of production. Every batch of finished product is then subjected to further testing under the most challenging weather and road conditions. This system ensures that our product exceeds all international standards. 

Quality Control
Moving Forward

We have an internal laboratory, staffed by a team of dynamic engineers who work tirelessly to ensure that TRACK batteries are always on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.


The team focuses on developing new technologies, such as our patented Smart Batteries, increasing the rate of recyclable materials used, and lowering emission rates and energy consumption associated with the manufacturing process.


The company has also developed international partnership projects in order to extend its R&D capabilities.

Research & Development
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