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TRACK Advantage


Updated TRACK Header Board (07-11-2017)-
Power Plus Technology

TRACK Batteries deliver the maximum amount of cranking amps required upon ignition to start your engine, lights and safety components.  As vehicle’s become more automated with more complex electronic systems and equipment TRACK’s Power Plus Technology ensures the delivery of the necessary current and voltage requirements.

Updated TRACK Header Board (07-11-2017)-

Calcium Shield Technology – TRACK Batteries are built with calcium – calcium coated lead alloy plates to resist the build up of corrosion, excessive gassing, water usage and lower self discharging. The feature allows the battery to be sealed and maintenance free, allowing the vehicle owner to drive comfortably and not worry about refilling or losing electrolyte. 

Calcium Shield Technology
Updated TRACK Header Board (07-11-2017)-

VR Guard – TRACK Batteries are sealed and pressure tested to protect against the rigours of the harshest driving conditions including rough road conditions, traffic congestion and the occassional fender bender that can shorten your batteries lifespan.

VR Guard

Warranty Support – TRACK Batteries has the priviledge of being one of the most customer friendly after sales service with its hassle free replacement warranty.

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